Camp Waters Day Five: Dissection & the Reactivity of Alkali Metals led by Dr. Zachariah Waters, assisted by Milo Pilsbury

Camp Waters Day Four: Saponification & Freezing Point led by Lavon Anderson, Quinn Fabray, & Marcus Rose

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indecisive-quinn asked:
I'm sorry we won't be able to make it to Camp Waters today.

Not your fault.

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Camp Waters Day Three: Molecular Polarity & Catalysts and Rates of Reactions led by Milo Pilsbury, Jason Chang, & Tina Cohen-Chang

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drswitchmatthews asked:
If you'd like me to help run things this afternoon since the students are unavailable, I've done these demonstrations before, Sir.

Yeah that would be good, actually. Let’s save potato cannons for the end and split the class in half for a distance contest. 

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Camp Waters Day Two: Physics 101 & Non Newtonian Fluids led by Marcus Rose & Tina Cohen-Chang Dr. Zachariah Waters

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